Youth Media Watch Dog Projects

INTERRUPT trained several youth organizations in New York and San Francisco to carry out youth-conducted studies documenting unfair news coverage of youth and crime.

In 1998, INTERRUPT released Juvenile Injustice, an INTERRUPT-designed and youth-conducted study of the San Francisco Chronicle's coverage of youth and crime. The senior Chronicle news editors met with the youth, published their op-ed detailing the youth's criticisms and agreed to support a proposal for a youth media council to regularly review news media coverage of youth.

In 2000, INTERRUPT partnered with YouthForce in the south Bronx to conduct a youth study of the New York Times. INTERRUPT published the study report, In Between the Lines: How the New York Times Frames Youth, and the youth met with senior editors and reporters from the Times' metro desk to discuss their report.

This work culminated in the spring of 2001 with the establishment of the Youth Media Council, a coalition of youth advocacy organizations in the San Francisco bay area hosted by INTERRUPT. YMC spun off as an independent project in 2002.




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